Registry Office Weddings & Elopements

Before The Adelaide Wedding Chapel was opened, couples wanting a small private ceremony or an elopement could always get married in the Adelaide Registry Office in the City and can still do so during limited office hours.

The Adelaide Wedding Chapel at Holden Hill is a purpose built venue that allows couples to have a small intimate marriage ceremony 0r just a simple wedding, in a delightful setting that can be set-up to reflect couples beliefs and sentiments.

The chapel is open 7 days a week from 8.00Am to 8.00Pm and is ideal for an elopement ceremony, a legal ceremony in Australia prior to an overseas wedding or just something simple with a few family and friends.

More elaborate, yet simple and basic ceremonies are also available. You set your standards and a ceremony will be created to suit your requirements.

Same Sex Couples are welcomed by Adelaide Marriage Celebrant Tony Nolan to utilise the chapel for their own unique and personalised marriage

A comparison of a marriage in the The Adelaide Wedding Chapel or in the Registry Office shows:

Basic Legal Ceremony Wedding Chapel Ceremony Registry Office
Cost $250.00 $450 $291.00
Registration Certificate $48.75 $48.75 $48.75
Bridal Certificate availability Immediately Immediately Immediately
Registration Certificate availability 25 working days after registration 25 working days after registration 25 working days after registration
Parking Free. Kerbside & private Free. Kerbside & private City car parking stations
Availability for ceremonies 7 Days 9.00Am - 8.00Pm 7 Days 9.00Am - 8.00Pm Weekday business hours
Documentation All included All included All included
Choice of ceremony wording Not available Encouraged Limited
Able to write own vows Yes (Conditions apply) Encouraged Yes (Conditions apply)
Accessible by public transport Yes Yes Yes
Prominent display of religious or cultural items Limited Encouraged Limited
Symbolic acts (hand fasting, sand ceremony etc) Not available Available Limited
Music of your choice Not available Encouraged to select or provide own Limited
Maximum number of guests 4 plus 2 bridal party 20 plus 6 bridal party 30 seats
Photographic opportunities Internal and on porch Internal and on porch Limited
Other ceremonies available Yes. A full range of options to $700 Yes. A full range of options to $700 No

For further information or to arrange a free no obligation appointment, please phone Tony Nolan on 08 8367 9443 or 0413 564 602 at any time between 7.00am and 9.00pm